My New Year's Eve Table...

Here is the latest proposal from my Tables:

My New Year's Eve Table

This 2020 is officially over and we couldn't greet it other than with much fervour and put some hope and serenity back into this new year... let's face it, it's going to be really tough so the bar is set high

For all my tables the file rouge has been Gold... if you haven't read MY CHRISTMAS EVE TABLEand MY CHRISTMAS TABLE click on it.

Gold as a fil rouge for all my Christmas festivities, a precious and elegant material.

My New Year's Eve Table

For My New Year's Eve Table I decided to combine gold with black and materials such as marble, opting for some beautiful Carrara-style plates. I added a touch of colour with emerald green glasses with a gold border, a mix for this evening that calls for elegance, leaving no place for sobriety...

My New Year's Eve Table

At the centre of the table you may see beautiful red tulips elegantly combined with cotton and Christmas details such as berries and fir twigs.

My New Year's Eve Table  My New Year's Eve Table

The dishes and the Mise en Place chosen for this occasion can be seen here...

The centrepieces are made with the "Da Noi a Voi Box" by Flowers living (this one) with the addition of a variation, the guys will be able to guide you in the perct choice...

My New Year's Eve Table

Here are the Greeting Cards by Tuscan lab that I used as place cards for this occasion - a small dedication to end the year and a wish for the year to come to the few guests at my table.

My New Year's Eve Table

Of course, the photos are taken by our friend Lorenzo from White Box

Thank you

Preludio Rental (Mise en Place - Table and Chairs)

Flowers Living (Flowers and Accessories)

White Box (Photo and Video)

Tuscan Lab (Gretting Cards)


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