September Wedding 

September wedding in Tuscany has always been one of the most

It has always been considered one of the most popular months for weddings in Tuscany, and this year in particular given the situation we are experiencing. September Wedding in Tuscany

In what can be described as 'normal' years, September puts an end to a season of a thousand appointments, inspections, phone calls with the bride and groom-to-be... And let's face it, we industry insiders are beginning to see the light at the end of the Tunnel. I Love September Wedding....

The night before, we check that everything is settled, we put the various folders in order, we reread the programme, the timing, we make a phone call to the bride and groom to relieve the pressure, finally we prepare the day's outfits and straight to bed. September Wedding in Tuscany

Themorning of the big day, if the ceremony is in the afternoon. The alarm clock is set for 7 a.m., a laudatory breakfast because I will certainly only eat late at night (my good fortune that during an event I am too busy to feel hungry), a shower, some music and off we go, direction Location. We start by going over the programme with all the suppliers, like actors before an important play at the theatre, for us every event is a premiere, so the big event machine gets going. Second coffee.

The day with all the staff proceeds in reviewing the timing, checking the guest list, seating and sorting out minor hitches.

2 pm.

I separate from my fellow adventurers, leaving the garrison at the location and head to the groom-to-be. Delivery of buttons and various accessories, third coffee of the day with the groom's parents and a last look at the details, I review the arrival and entrance to the church for the last time, now I can make way for the photographers...

A few minutes before 3 p.m.

I finally arrive at the Bride. Fourth coffee. The event is approaching and the bride, just like Cinderella, is surrounded by her faithful suppliers, make-up and wigs are being applied, the seamstress is at her disposal, and the family is around just for her... The question is, what am I for? My presence, like that of any other professional, is important, it serves to calm the spirits, make them smile and ease the tension, plus the last check is made on the details for the bride and her family, the moment of the church is getting closer. 3.45pm The photographers arrive, the bride is ready and in good hands... I can now break away and join my colleague in the church...

4 p.m.

The church is all festively set up, the skilful hands of our florists have done a great job, now all that remains is to put in the little details, arrange the mass booklets, make a point with the musicians, liaise with the pastor and arrange the amenities... soon the bride and groom will arrive...

4.30 p.m.

As per the invitation, the guests are all present and the groom also arrives, the tension rises, just two jokes to make him smile, the photographer's eye is always round the corner J. The church is ready, the priest is in position, the music has started, now we have to invite all the guests to take their seats, the star is arriving. Not long to wait... the bride has arrived, the final touches to her dress and veil, the bouquet is delivered, and we hear the wedding march begin, now she can walk down the aisle and enter the scene... September Wedding in Tuscany

5.30 p.m.

The wedding is over, now the mass goes on and I can leave my colleague who will supervise the exit of the bride and groom and give directions to the reception venue to the guests. Obviously not before having had my fifth coffee, then I make my way to the venue. A first look at the entrance and briefing with the colleague who followed the suppliers to the location, together we make the planned route for the guests, a look at the details, a few words with the band and we can enter the hall. The mise en place is positioned according to the manual, the assigned seats are correct, now all that remains is to wait for the guests with the bride and groom in tow, and the event can begin ... oh I forgot, it's 7 p.m . I'm on 5 coffees and haven't touched food since 7 a.m..... Not bad I will eat just in 6 hours....

02:00 hours

The party is coming to an end, I managed to taste some of the dishes that came out, the wedding cake and I toasted the bride and groom. Now I can leave, not before taking a last look at the location again and we can close the curtain, a little melancholy, like when one wakes up from a beautiful dream, but satisfied to have realised that of two other people who put their trust in me... Goodnight Semptember Wedding.

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